What we do


Mediators are trained to help resolve disputes over all issues faced by separating couples, or specific issues such as arrangements for children. A mediator will meet with you and your partner together and will identify those issues you can’t agree on and help you to reach an informed agreement.

Mediators are impartial and will not take sides, so they cannot give advice to either of you. They will usually recommend that you obtain legal advice alongside the mediation process and will guide you as to when this should happen.

Collaborative Law

In a collaborative process, the family lawyers and their clients agree, in writing, to reach settlement without court involvement. They agree to work together to resolve any family and financial issues arising out of the separation.

All our legal professionals join a local practice group called a “pod” - ours is called the Cambridge Family Dispute Resolution Group. Our group meets up around once a month together with mediators and collaboratively trained members of other professions to discuss practice issues. Meeting in this way helps lawyers and other professionals to work more effectively together on cases.