Dispute Resolution Conference 2016

Dispute Resolution Conference 2016

On Tuesday 22nd November, as part of “Good Divorce Week, members of the Cambridge Dispute Resolution Group met at their annual Dispute Resolution conference.

They heard firstly about child arbitration from Charles Hale QC and local lawyer Simon Bethel who have both been trained as children law arbitrators.  They were able to provide an explanation of what arbitration can do and what it can’t and how it is to deal with safeguarding issues.  It will have a not insignificant cost but the advantage of privacy, determination of the issues placed before the  arbitrator and speed may well outweigh this.

In our second session, we had the privilege of hearing from John who had used the collaborative law process to deal with his divorce and financial matters some 3 years ago.  The two lawyers involved in John’s case and the family consultant were also part of the panel and after some pre-prepared Q&A’s, John accepted questions from the floor.  It was fascinating for lawyers and mediators present to hear from a client’s perspective and John was also able look back on where he is now as a result of dealing with the divorce through the collaborative law process.  We were very grateful to John for sharing with us in such an honest way.

John’s final conclusion was that he was 70% likely to recommend collaborative law to someone else in the same position!

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