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Books to help children during and after divorce

When going through a divorce, it is not only difficult for the parents but also the children. Here are some children’s books to help children understand the divorce process, their feelings and how to deal with their new situation.

For the younger audience

  1. Monday, Wednesday and every other Weekend by Karen Stanton is a wonderfully illustrated book where the story line suits children experiencing a parents’ divorce where they move between house to house. The involvement of a dog takes the attention of the parents’ divorce away from the story.
  2. For conversation starters and prompts for the parent and child to discuss and understand divorce, read My Family’s Changing by Pat Thomas. It explains the stages of divorce and its aftermath. It helps the child identify their feelings and how they can overcome these and the changing behaviours of the parents after divorce.
  3. Jack by Helen Victoria Bishop and Simon Murray is a story of reassurance and comfort which explores the feelings of a child after divorce. It recognises the grief of the child after divorce, and how they blame themselves. It portrays that the child needs reassuring that they are not the cause of the divorce and they are still loved.
  4. Dinosaurs Divorce by Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown explains the reasoning, possibility and aftermath of a divorce including a glossary of divorce words. It also explores how to overcome the issue of dealing with two homes, how to tell his/her friends and how to cope with new ‘friends’ of his/her parents.
  5. Mum and Dad Glue by Kes Gray provides a soft approach to explaining why divorce happens and reminds the child that his parents will always love them. It is a story of a child realising cracks in his parents’ marriage and trying to fix it but coming to terms with divorce being the best option.
  6. Was it the Chocolate Pudding? by Sandra Levins is a story about the life of a child after their parents’ divorce, detailing life with each parent, the things they do and how each house has its benefits. The child looks back on how his actions ‘caused’ the divorce, but with a strong reassurance that divorces are not the child’s fault.
  7. Children don’t divorce by Rosemary Stones explores the upset after a divorce and the difficulty of not seeing both parents every day, but then the child learns to accept their new life and their parents’ new partners. It speaks of the realisation of the child that divorce is not uncommon; many parents and children go through the same thing.

For older children

  1. The Divorce Helpbook for Kids by Cynthia MacGregor, is a self-help book for children whose parents are going through divorce. It discusses changes in the home, why parents can’t stay together, what happens after the divorce, dealing with their feelings, keeping a relationship with each parent and FAQ’s about divorce.
  2. Lemons 2 Lemonade Workbook by Christina McGhee is an interactive workbook which helps the child go through all stages of a divorce such as housing, people to talk to and feelings.
  3. The Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson is a story about the struggles of a young girl stuck between her parents who don’t get along, living out of a suitcase and moving between houses each week. Despite having to get along with her parents’ new families, getting bad marks at school and losing touch with her friends, she eventually makes new friends and accepts her new life.
  4. Clean Break by Jacqueline Wilson is another story about a girl, who has already gone through her parents’ divorce and lives with her new family. However, her new family struggle to accept that the stepdad has left for his new girlfriend especially when they move to Scotland. The stepdad and girlfriend split up and the stepdad ends up returning to the family.

The following video from Resolution, may also be of assistance: